English Tea Room marks Beatles concert anniversary with special dinner

English Tea Room marks Beatles concert anniversary with special dinner

by David Folse, StTammanyWest.com

Sept. 16, 1964–a day music fans in Louisiana are unlikely to forget.

It was 50 years ago the Beatles performed in front of a sellout crowd at what was then City Park Stadium (now Tad Gormley) in New Orleans. Although a half-century has passed, memories of the Fab Four’s trip to the Crescent City are still alive for many locals, and one North Shore establishment is celebrating the anniversary of Louisiana’s own “British Invasion” in its own unique way.

On Friday, Oct. 17, the English Tea Room in Covington will be hosting a special event dinner to commemorate the British band’s time in New Orleans. Along with his wife Jan, owner Tim Lantrip said special event dinners have become a tradition at the English Tea Room. “I would have to say these dinners started about two years ago,” Lantrip said. “We decided we were going to do one special dinner a month. The unique thing about our dinners is we always tie it back to England in some way. I can remember the first dinner we did was about South Africa.

“We serve food from that country with music and other customs. I can remember the first one we were about half-full. We have sold out every one since, and we are confident our Beatles dinner will follow in line with our recent successes.”

Located at 734 East Rutland Street in downtown Covington, the English Tea Room offers customers an “Authentic European Tea Experience.”

“For those who will be making their first trip to our establishment for the Beatles dinner, they are in for a treat,” Lantrip said. “We are going to have a four-course meal along with some live music, of course Beatles songs. We will also be bringing in some experts for discussions about the Beatles and the impact they had on music and the world during their time. We will also be giving away prizes.

“It is kind of an event that has really taken on a mind of its own,” he continued. “We could have never imagined that these dinners would have been as successful as they have been. They are something we continually look forward to and circle on our calendars each month.”  Other event dinner’s themes have included Downton Abbey, Robbie Burns, South Africa, Dr. Who, and Sherlock Holmes, among many others.  “It’s amazing how popular they have become,” he said. “We actually were fortunate enough to do a pair of Downton Abbey-themed dinners because the first one sold out so quickly.”

The Beatles event on Oct. 17 will feature live entertainment with dinner based on Beatles’ songs.

Lantrip said while he was too young to attend the Beatles’ performance in New Orleans, the dinner honoring the 50-year anniversary is likely to be one of his favorite special event dinners the English Tea Room has hosted thus far.

“I would have to say so because you are talking about an event which took place just a little south of us,” he said. “So there is a Louisiana and a New Orleans connection. You can come by and take pictures with the Beatles blow-ups we will have as well. It’s going to be fun. We will have a lot of Beatles fans here. People have already started calling for the event, and we haven’t even promoted it yet.”

There is no age requirement for attendance, and the fee is $30 for the fixed menu. Pre-payment is required and for more information, call Tim or Jan at (985)898-3988.

“The first 45 people who call and book will get their table,” he said. “After that we shut it down because that is about how much we can comfortably fit in here. If it books up quickly we may even end up doing another night.”
Check out the English Tea Room on Facebook for more information or online at englishtearoom.com