Black Teas

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Baroness Grey

Earl Grey notes accented with piquant lemon, rose and cornflower.

Britannia Rules

Malty, full-flavored, with a touch of Darjeeling.

Broussard Blend

Robust & full-bodied blend with hints of Earl Grey with Darjeeling & Ceylon. Especially malty.

Buckingham Palace Garden Party

A medium-bodied delicate blend of Earl Grey and Jasmine.

Earl Grey

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite medley, with silver tip Ceylon leaves & oil of Bergamot.

English Breakfast

Full-bodied, with coppery bright notes & a pedigree from the early 1800’s.

Imperial Kemun Mao Feng

Deep & complex. Superior Kemun with a winey, juicy, clean cup & orchid fragrance.

Norfolk Breakfast

Full-bodied, jammy flavor with safflower petals. Great morning wake-up call.

Queen Catherine

A blend of three Chinese teas: Keemun, Panyang, and Yunnan. Created to honor of Queen Catherine of Braganza.

Queen Mary

Flavorful malty & floral notes. Nice on its own or with milk & sugar.

Royal Scot

Assam, Nilgiri, and Darjeeling, blended for a superbly full-bodied & malty black tea.

Scottish Breakfast

Rich, malty taste, full-bodied with hints of oak.

Trafalgar Anniversary

Full-flavored brightness & maltiness with delicate hints of oak.

Versailles Lavender Earl Grey

Traditional French lavender with Earl Grey. Delicate floral bouquet.

Yorkshire Harrogate

Classic British, full-bodied blend with a malty flavor. Said to be especially desired by British Gentlemen.

Covington Blend

Full-flavored and malty, balanced & subtle with oak and Bergamot.

Crown Blend

Strong & full-flavored character with hints of oak for a deep coppery brightness.

Darjeeling (recomended)

Known as “The Champagne of Teas” with a bright taste & muscatel notes.

Earl Grey Cream

Premium Earl Grey with a hint of vanilla for a distinct cream taste.

Irish Breakfast

Robust blend of Kenya & Assam teas for a full-bodied cup.

English Evening

A flavorful blend, light and brightly-colored.

Queen Elizabeth

South India & Ceylon teas, with malty Assam & toasty Darjeeling. Bright with a smooth finish.

Irish Breakfast Cream

Full-bodied, with creamy caramel notes.

Queen Victoria

Full-bodied blend with malty notes and a hint of lavender – perfect for the Queen.

St. Timothy’s Blend

A full-flavored, rich blend of Assam and Darjeeling, a classic English tea.

St. Paul’s London Breakfast

Malty, with strong character & hints of Earl Grey.

Star of India Tea

Blend of India’s teas: malty Assam, sprightly Nilgiri, and Darjeeling.

Windsor Castle

Full-bodied, with the maltiness of Assam, flavor of Ceylon, & a note of Darjeeling.


Full-bodied, with a hint of muscatel & honey-like chamomile.