Organic Teas

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Organic Assam

Medium-bodied black tea with light floral notes.

Organic Peach Apricot

Sweet peaches & full-bodied apricots in this black tea.

Organic Ceylon

A light, bright black tea. Great for afternoons.

Organic Green Rooibos

Herbal, grassy flavor with a hint of malt. Smooth & delicate.

Organic Osmanthus Petals

Herbal light peach-like flavor. Uniquely sweet fragrance.

Organic Pearl River

Full-bodied Chinese green tea with delicate pungency.

Organic Passion Plum

Herbal with passion fruit and plum. Light-bodied with a sweet aroma.

Organic Tanzania

Full-bodied black tea with malty flavor notes.

Organic Tibetan Wild Lavender

Aromatic, sweet, & satisfying – for the lavender lover.

Organic Wild Rosebuds

Delicate rose taste. Wild-grown first flower buds.