Special Blends

4oz $16.00 || 4oz tin $18.00 || 8oz $32.00 || 16oz $64.00

Abbey Road Blend

Blend of Yorkshire Harrogate, English Evening & Earl Grey teas.

Doctor Who Blend

Blend of Earl Grey Cream with Wild Blackberry tea for a subtle & fruity blend of flavors.

Downton Abbey Blend

The full-bodied flavor of Windsor Castle blended with the maltiness of Yorkshire

Grayhawk Blend

Hints of Jasmine & smoky Lapsang Souchong blended with our Windsor Castle for a full-bodied and smoky cup.

London Fog

Simple Earl Grey mixed slightly with our smoky Lapsang Souchong result in a smoky Bergamot cup.

Mann Tea

An expertly crafted mixture of caramel & butterscotch flavored Pu-erh with mocha coffee highlights & sweet chocolate notes

Mary’s Eyes

The candy-like flavor of our Blue Eyes mixed perfectly with the fruitiness of Paris. Perfect for the afternoon

Midnight in Paris

A new specialty here, better than the movie. Flavors of coconut, black currant, almond, and vanilla.

Mr. Darcy

Deep chocolate & hazelnut flavors blended with our strawberry black tea.

Pissarro’s Masterpiece

A fruity blend of Rooibos and black tea leaves. The flavor of lavender, rosehips, black currant & lemony Bergamot.

Princess Jamie

White chamomile, vanilla, coconut, and almond are flavoring this blend of green and white teas. Tastes like an almond cookie.

Rose Mint Tea

Our classic Rose black tea and herbal peppermint tea meet to flavor this floral & minty cup. Unforgettable.

St. Scholastica Blend

A caffeine-free blend of sprightly ginger & fruity blueberry Rooibos tea.