Rooibos Herbal

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3 Shillings

Sweet & floral Rooibos blend with rosehip, lavender and invigorating lemon.

African Autumn

Infused with cranberries and oranges for a robust flavor.

Belgian Chocolate

Velvety-smooth with rich chocolate flavor from added cocoa bean pieces.

Bicycle Blend

Orange & pineapple fruits blended with lemon with a mellow Rooibos taste.

Blueberry Bang

Sprightly fresh, fruity character.

Bora Bora Mango

Mango, calendula petals and blackberry leaves.

Candy Ginger Peach Rooibos

Refreshing summer peach notes with hints of ginger. A sprightly finish.

Castle Guard

Rooibos tea with rich chocolate flavor, light papaya, and almond.

Chocolate Mint

Great after-dinner tea with bits of chocolate and peppermint.

Code Breaker

Precisely aligned with sweet pear, invigorating lemon, ginger & marigold.


Calendula, ginger, and pear flavors mixed with the nutty flavor of Rooibos.

Ginger Bounce

Fruity with notes of ginger & calendula.

Giverny Monet

Chocolate & pineapple waft gently through rooibos. Light, nutty finish.

London Bridge

Smooth Rooibos taste with an exotic mix of almond & vanilla.

Lord Rutland Rooibos

Balanced and delicious blend of raspberry & vanilla.

Mocha Rocha

Ethiopian mocha coffee highlights with lightly sweet chocolate caramel notes.

Mountbatten Blend

Premium Rooibos blend with sweet pear and exotic vanilla.

Nigel’s Best

Mango & peach notes with a touch of ginger.

No. 10 Downing Street

Sweet Rooibos flavor infused with berries, ginger and rosehips with floral notes.


Almond & light papaya with a smooth taste.

Organic Green Rooibos

Herbaceous notes & lightly fruity. Grassy aroma.

Oxford Study

Exceptionally smooth rich chocolate & vanilla flavors.

Penny Lane

Lemon blended with raspberry. Sweet & tart.

Princess Blend

A robust, caffeine-free blend with cranberries, oranges, and raspberry

Raspberry in Paris

Delicate blend of nutty & relaxing Rooibos with raspberry.

Rooibos Plain

Fruity, sweet, rounded herbal tea with sweet notes.

Rooibos Chai

Rooibos with Malabar spices, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves & black pepper

Rooibos Provence

Lavender, rosehips & dried fruit. Sweet flavor with a floral twist.

Sgt. Pepper’s LHCB Orange

Orange mixed with red peppercorns & chili peppers for a sweet, lightly hot finish.

Soccer Madness

Fruit flavors of lemon, cranberry, and orange in a zesty Rooibos.

Strawberry Tingle

Harmony of Rooibos and strawberry. Mellow & sweet.

Sunshine Lemon

Lemon invigorates the mellow Rooibos taste.

Thatcher’s Blend

Rooibos tea with fresh strawberry flavor and relaxing lemon.

Tuscany Pear

Sweet pears mixed the sweet & nutty flavor of premium Rooibos.

Vanilla Almond

Jazzy, exotic vanilla with nutty almond flavor.