herbal tea

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Calendula Flowers

Also known as marigolds, calendula flowers produce a slightly tangy tea.

Egyptian Chamomile

Egyptian-sunned chamomile with an aromatic, fruity taste.


Sweet, ruby-red tea, similar to grenadine with a lemonade taste.

Jasmine Buds

Delicately sweet and lightly fragrant, with floral flavor.

Mother’s Bouquet

Chamomile flower, rosebud, cornflower & orange peel, infused with citrus flavor.


Cooling, crisp aroma with a deeply refreshing flavor & clean, fresh finish.


Mild, fruity tea with sweet pear notes.

Renoir’s Repose

Herbal tea with crisp peppermint, soothing chamomile and sweet lavender.

Rosebuds + Petals

Golden brew with strong floral flavor and fragrant perfume.

Sanctuary’s Peace

Sweet & calming with chamomile flowers and lavender buds.

Strawberry Fields

Large petals of hibiscus flower blended with dried spearmint leaves and our fine summer strawberry Rooibos tea. A wonderful caffeine free & herbal blend, excellent in the summer.

The Spa at Lanesborough UK

Vanilla mixed with lavender and chamomile flavors for a new & relaxing mix.


A pungent, cool, fresh taste & clear aroma.

Winston & Clemy

Soothing and minty mix of Egyptian-sunned chamomile and peppermint leaves.