Flavored black tea

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The Abbey Blend

House blended tea with rich chocolate, cherry, maple, caramel, and vanilla flavors.


Ceylon tea with classic almond sweetness, aroma and nutty character.

Amsterdam Licorice

Ceylon tea with classic almond sweetness, aroma and nutty character.

Angel’s Dream

Ceylon tea made heavenly with maple sweetness & blackberry pungency. Tastes like a marshmallow.

Apple Pie a la mode

Blended black tea sweet & spicy with apple and cinnamon, infused with creamy vanilla flavor.

Apple Spice (recomended)

Fresh apple character brightened with mildly sweet & spicy cinnamon notes.


Perfumy, elegant tea, sweet with apricot flavor & bright Ceylon.


Think of the scent of a freshly peeled banana. Now picture that combined with an astringent Ceylon tea. Fantastic over ice.

Banana Split

An ice cream parlor classic in your tea cup. Vanilla, cherry and pineapple flavors.

Black Currant

Deep, black aroma and full-bodied fruit flavor. Delicious iced.

Black Forrest

Rich chocolate & cherry flavors with cream notes.

Blueberry Black

Subtle, fruity blend of blueberries & premium Ceylon tea.

Blueberry Cream Pie

Summer-ripened blueberry blended with creamy vanilla for an exquisite dessert tea!


Black tea with the candy-like spice character of cardamom.


Relaxing, sweet cherry taste blended with black tea.

Chocolate Mint

Sweet & strong chocolate notes with a cool mint finish.

Chocolate Orange

Spanish orange blended with Belgian white chocolate. Creamy & tangy.

Ciao Amaretto

Sweet cherry & almond blend with a hint of sugar to highlight both flavors.

Cochin Masala Chai

Full-bodied, with spicy cardamom notes & a lively ginger finish. Try with milk & sugar.

Cranberry Autumn

Smooth, full-bodied blend of black tea, tart cranberries, & sweet orange.

Czar Nicholas Russian Caravan

Delicate, with lively, slightly toasty notes and a hint of Lapsang Souchong.

Florence Black Tea

Rich with a complex blend of deep chocolate and hazelnuts.


Rich with a complex blend of deep chocolate and hazelnuts.


Black tea spiced with cloves & cinnamon. Delicious any time of the year.

Hot Cinnamon Spice

An assertive blend of black tea, cinnamon, clove & orange rind.

Indian Nimbu

Darjeeling with lemon & caramel flavors.

Indian Spice

Indian Assam with cardamom & nutmeg. Earthy & invigorating.

Island Coconut

Fragrant & sweet with a creamy, tropical taste. Think beaches & palm trees.

Key Lime

Refreshing, intense lime flavor with a smooth finish. A great dessert tea.

Lady Chatterley

Chocolatey hazelnut flavors with vanilla & black currant with a hint of Bergamot.

Lady Londonderry

Flowery, malty cup with hints of strawberry & lemon.

Lapsang Souchong

A superior leaf offering smoky, crisp character with the aroma of an oak fire.


Ceylon tea with a fresh, palate-cleansing lemon character.

Lover’s Leap Orange Pekoe

A light estate black tea with a flowery flavor. Lovely after dinner.

Mango Mist

Fresh, piquant Mango character. Excellent iced.

Maple Cream

Smooth & creamy cup with notes of sweet maple and caramel.

Midnight Rain

A black tea with coconut & almond. Tastes like a wedding cake.

Mulled Spice

Enticing fruity notes tempered with delicious cinnamon characters.

Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai

Named for Tennessee Williams’ famous play. Spiced chai with caramel & chocolate notes.

Orange Spice

The sweet taste of Florida oranges with strong notes of fresh cinnamon spice


Fruity tea of black currant & vanilla, with a hint of lemony Bergamot.

Peaches ‘n’ Cream

Ceylon black tea with natural orchard peach and smooth cream flavors.


Juicy, tropical pineapple taste with a fragrant aroma.

Prince of Wales

A regal blend, full-bodied and smooth with hints of black currant.

Pumpkin Spice

Light-bodied, sweet & spicy, with notes of cinnamon & pumpkin.

Rhubarb Cream

Fruity, tart rhubarb flavor rounded off with the sweetness of vanilla.


Mild, light tea mixed with rose petals for a floral accent.

Royal Bengal Tiger

Fruit & spice tea infused with cinnamon, passion fruit & mango.

Russian Country

Chinese & Indian teas mixed with Lapsang Souchong for a soft, smoky taste.

Russian Earl Grey

Earl Grey infused with sultry citrus notes of orange & Thai lemongrass.

Strawberry Black

Mellow black tea with candy-like, sweet strawberry notes.

Strawberry Shortcake

Subtle balance of fruit & cream flavors. Try it for dessert.

Taj Mahal

Spicy and fruity tea with hints of passion fruit, mango, cardamom & nutmeg. An excellent of fruit & chai.

Tower of London

A medium-bodied tea of coconut & almond, with a hint of white chocolate.

Valentine Blend

Romantic brew joining chocolate tea and rosebuds.


Full-bodied black tea infused with creamy vanilla flavor.

White Chocolate Mousse

Creamy white chocolate flavor with calendula & elder blossoms. Smooth finish.

Wild Blackberry

Piquant & fruity, made with sweet Himalayan blackberries. Delicious.